A visually-packed 



featuring original 

source documents,

text narration by 

Sir Derek Jacobi,

period detective work,

and humor.

Followed by a lively Q & A.

As presented by Ron Destro at:

Harvard University

The Poor School, London

Billesley Manor, Stratford-upon-Avon
Hedingham Castle, Essex

City College of New York

Shakespeare Fellowship Conference

Sam Houston State University

Chautauqua Institution

Audience Comments:


“Very inspiring.”

“A masterful lecture!”

“A great lecture! Loved it.”

“A very compelling argument.”

“Clear, thorough and unbiased.”

“Very thoughtful, very persuasive.”

“You ENTIRELY convinced me!”

“Mr. Destro is a very engaging speaker. 

  His detective work is exciting and convincing.”

“Thanks for getting us thinking in new ways.”

“Five years of Shakespeare studies down the toilet!”

Oxford Shakespeare Company founding director RON DESTRO is a Kennedy Center award-winning playwright, researcher and director, who has staged over 40 Shakespeare plays in New York, London, Stratford-upon-Avon, Italy and France.

He has studied with Cicely Berry, Kristin Linklater, Lucille Ball, John Houseman and privately with RSC founder John Barton.  

He attended the Marymount RADA Program in London, and USC School of Drama.  He taught Christopher Reeve to smoke, shared a limo with Yoko Ono, was banned for life from Caesar’s Palace by Frank Sinatra, went on tour with Natalie Merchant and 10,000 Maniacs, and hangs with F Murray Abraham.   

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“An extraordinary, detailed and exhilarating lecture by professor Ron Destro. The audience was truly enthralled by his noetic and percipient knowledge and delivery. Essentially, he was the star presenter.  I have no hesitation in highly recommending Prof. Destro as an eminent expert/presenter.” 

Derran Charlton, Honorary Member

De Vere Society/Shakespeare Oxford Society

Shakespeare Authorship Roundtable

“An exciting lecture... The effect of Mr. Destro's powerful presentation is an eye-opening analysis of this polemical mystery.   I found Mr. Destro's lecture a great teaching vehicle that is clever and intriguing, the type of presentation that plants seeds of thought in an audience.”

John Hamill, Vice-President

Shakespeare Oxford Society

“Excellent in both content and presentation.”

“Ron can make the subject of Shakespeare meaningful and lots of fun for a general audience. It was instructive to me to see him hold in rapt attention a room full of varied age groups – and see that they all thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. “

Bonner Miller Cutting

The Shakespeare Fellowship, Trustee

Lone Star Shakespeare Roundtable, President

“For the open-minded, there is no better presentation on Shakespeare. His lecture is full of insight, humor and truths.”

“Your presentation was sheer delight... the next day the halls were abuzz with discussion of your presentation, the myriad of proofs & the logic, all delivered with charm and enthusiasm... sincere, insightful and knowledgeable.  A stimulating afternoon was had by all!”

Sandy Gordon, Chair

Guest Speaker Program

QUEST, City College of New York

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